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  • Member: Cross/fade
  • Title: Personal Paradise
  • Premiered: 2008-05-09
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    • Kamelot Interlude I
    • Kamelot The edge of paradise
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  • Comments: Just to let you know. I'm a Type-Moon stuff otaku, so this video was something really important to me. Well, its not likely to change the amv scene, but I had fun while making it. That's the most important part, isnt it ?

    Also, super awesome special thanks goes to Alt_z3, his support for this project was out of this world. Thanks Alt.

    In the beginning I wanted to present the story that way so everybody would understand it. But Tsukihime plot is rather complicated so ..... -_-"

    Trying to concentrate on three things:
    - Shikis profile and quick sum up of his life
    - Arcueid Brunestuf x Shikis relationship
    - Shikis and SHIKIs relationship (well they do share a strange bond as they were a family for a short period of time).
    I ended up ignoring Ciel-sempai and Akiha mostly (sorry people xP).

    Since Im still a beginner with a problem named 'lack of skills' I had to leave behind some of my ideas, but usually a diffrent one poped out in their place.

    AMV in details (contain some Tsukihime anime spoilers so watch out !).

    First 53s is the beginning (presented as a dream of Shiki) with a song of Kamelot Interlude I, after the doctor closes the door The Edge of Paradise starts. Those two songs are also one after another on Kamelot album Epica.
    So, after setting up the mood (at least I believe so) we move on and see a typical high schooler life mixed up with some strange murderes and a sexy lady flying down and then walking down the street (
    singin' "Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do"). Our protagonist is kind of unhappy with his life and as we can see something is bugging him. After this we got another quick snapshots of his bro and all the killing. Tired Shiki ended up in bed thinking about all the things that happened in the past. By now, people who didnt watch Tsukihime will be confused who killed who here. Thats a good thing. In anime we also didnt know this one until late episodes.
    After this scene we got Shiki trying to pick up a girl by using his knife (yeah bro, good luck with that) and ended up getting psycho. Yes, Shiki is a little on the madman side sometimes. But ..... the girl is kind of tough to deal with. Shiki runs away (I dont blame him ! I would pee my pants if I were him) but it was useless. Since our vampire lady is kind of nice we're happy to accompany her. And happy to save her. And happy to go on a date, even if she wanna suck the life out of us. Ok, next part doesnt need to be explained so lets skip it to the point where she leaves the hotel to fight the evil SHIKI. Good Shiki is trying desperately to catch up with her, but it was too late. Now its time to settle the fight from our childhood bro. 'If you cant defeat your opponent, destroy everything around him' strategy took place. But killing your brother (even if your not blood related), well not even that, killing someone is not easy I guess. Here we can see some childhood memories flying by as they stood there. After that Shiki remembers that evil Shiki killed his women so revenge is needed here (yeah modified the story), so sayonara evil Shiki. After that we give our report to Akiha, well even if that Shiki was bad, psycho etc. he was still her brother. No wonder she isnt happy about the fact his dead .... but is he ;D ?
    Story Ends.

    So yeah I modified the story in some parts but tried to stay true to it mostly.

    The Edge of Paradise lyrics:

    Not really quite awake
    Where the soul conforms
    To deeper needs
    Free within frames of custody
    I revolve my spirit and exhale

    On the edge of paradise
    Poison burning
    In my veins
    My dreams remain the same

    Soothing but yet so violent
    In this world within the other world visions...heaven sent
    I see demon eyes and wings unfurled

    On the edge of paradise
    Poison burning
    In my veins
    My dreams remain the same

    On the edge of paradise
    I sail on by
    Undermining life itself
    My will to wonder why

    Edit: We all love mirrormoon, don't we ?

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