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  • Member: Derudo
  • Title: Take Me High Again
  • Premiered: 2008-05-04
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    • Dead Poet Society Goddamn This!
    • U2 Beautiful Day
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  • Comments: Take me high again
    In november 2006 i meet spanish guy seeting on street next to church on main square in Cracow. He keep spanish guitar in hands, and play some good old songs, and some song that i dont know. I sit next to him and start talking. His name is Daniel, Daniel Medina. 21 years old guy from Spain who came to Poland because of girl. He gave me his demo cd and go away. On demo cd ill find 3 songs, I am not, Swallow That and... Goddamn This!. I meet Daniel after 1 years. He made band in Poland, he start plaing in Cracow, he was remeber me then we start talking. Now he is my friend. After almost 2 years i finnally made clip for song that i loved. Goddamn This. Daniel's band is called Dead Poet Society and if you want you can easily find more song of DPS on site

    Now, something more about clip. I start making it in january 2008. At first i want to make good clip for Goddamn This. Now i think thanks to this song this AMV is preety nice stand alone AMV & band video clip in one. I made it by using Adobe Premiere 6.5, GIMP, a little bit Adobe After Effects and a little bit Sony Vegas 7.0. I think to good understand this clip is preety important to watch Darker Than Black. Anime from it i made this AMV. Sorry for my english. :p Well, what can i say.. I watch this vid so many times, that i cant say this vid is good or not. I belive you will like it. Im sure if you like good music you will very like song from this AMV.

    I hope you like this vid.
    Please leave a comment and enjoy. :)

    Dead Poet Society - Goddamn This lyrics:
    Take me high again
    I wanna live to see how everything will dissappear
    I wanna be on Earth to see how I die before my friends
    Things were OK before you left
    Now learnt to appreciate and love
    Everything before it..s gone

    One second..s changed my existence
    Before I was just alright
    Being alone means not being with this somebody you would die for
    Now all of you are back again
    And just lost the way to understand
    For what it..s worth to cry

    Sorrow takes my veins
    Now I..ll stop seeing little by little
    Please can..t help this pain to end
    Now I just want to rip my heart off me
    And live without it

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