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  • Member: Cyanna
  • Studio: Aquiline Studios
  • Title: Beauty and the Baka
  • Premiered: 2008-06-20
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    • Walt Disney Pictures Beauty and the Beast (Original Theatrical Trailer)
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  • Comments: It's no secret that I'm a Disney fan. Although it's a trait that runs in the family, for me it's almost a chronic disease...almost. I've had a falling out with the new animated releases (though I still watch the Pixar films) but I'm a pretty big fan of the classic movies and cartoons.

    I have a fairly obscure and out of print CD called "Mouse House", which has techno remixes of well known Disney tunes. If you go to the Florida parks, a lot of the time you will hear it as background music (especially waiting for Fantasmic to start). Some of them are abysmal and make me cry. But a surprising number survived the transition and are actually not that painful to listen too. "Beauty and the Beast" is one of the songs on the disc and I originally entertained the idea of making a Fruits Basket video to that. The song is upbeat so I could make a fun Tohru/Kyo video instead of one that contained a lot of mush.

    Well...that changed when my sisters were randomly watching our old Disney VHS tapes and the trailer happened to be on whatever tape we were watching. All it took was "Momma! There's a girl in the castle!" and the lights went on. A girl, a mysterious curse, a key figure with a hot all just fell into place.

    First off I need to say that I watched the original trailer a lot to get a sense of flow and I tried to keep as true to it as it made sense to do so. So it's mostly just straightforward cuts. However I took a little liberty to make the title screen come in like a Fruits Basket eyecatch instead of just fading in like the original does. But the castle cuts right into the trailer. To do it otherwise just didn't look right,

    This is the most "lip synch" I've ever done in a video but a lot of it isn't "real" lip synch. My approach to the trailer was to treat speech like I would treat singing. So instead of having lips flap, I tried to chose scenes with motion in them so the characters would move in rhythm with their words, i.e. Momiji's arms move to emphasize the word "girl". A lot of times the characters are already moving to emphasize their own words so by changing the speed of the clip, I make the movements fit the trailer's speech and the words just followed. It's not perfect (it's most flawed when a super-excited Shigure/Lumiere says "She has come to break the spell!") but I'm really happy with how it turned out. The mouths line up nice and there is actual movement as they talk.

    Otherwise I think everything else is pretty straightforward.

    NOTE: This video uses a negligible amount of Revolutionary Girl Utena as a title bumper spoof.

    ANOTHER NOTE: This video was also shown at Anime USA 2008. I know it's not in the video's list of participated contests. AUSA does not show up for me in the list of cons when I try to edit the video. But it was there.

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