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  • Member: Ryvannis
  • Title: Allibi of Regrets
  • Premiered: 2008-01-01
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    • Linkin Park What I've Done
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  • Comments: Well I'm sorry for even posting this without a video download.
    I'll update this page as soon as the AMV is fixed up though, it was premiered at ALA but it was badly done and I was shy in having it in the contest.

    And due to technical issues I'm sending it off to AX unedited with what I wanted in hand. T_T
    Unless AX somehow allows me to do another FTP upload I don't think it will be likely that I'll be getting into the contest.

    Now straight on to the AMV!
    I started to work on this around mid-end of November, finished it mid December before sending it off to ALA. The main reason in why I created this AMV is 1. I like FMA, 2. Linkin Park kicks ass, 3. Because I wanted to submit to a contest of some sort. :P

    I wanted this video to impact on what Ed and Al faced through out their journey. They regretted doing Alchemy to save their mother, putting themselves on a journey they never wanted to set forth.
    But it brings them together closer then ever, something they never expected.

    They wanted to put forth and forget the losses they faced and live a normal life as brothers. I wanted to depict their losses, regrets, and set in that there was more to life.

    I will have it uploaded soon (Sorry it's not available as I promised!) but I can't edit properly on my computer at the moment until I replace the hard drive. Again I'm sorry for the inconvenience. :(

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