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  • Member: Kisanzi
  • Studio: Visualized Nightmare Studios
  • Title: Lovestruck Radiance
  • Premiered: 2008-05-01
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  • Song:
    • Michael Mansion Let Me In (Darwin's Hemstock Remix)
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  • Comments: Here's my first new vid of 2008. This one was made under an interesting circumstance; it was made at the request of the musical artist. Normally I'm incredibly picky with requests, but this happened to be a song matching one of my favorite types of music and after listening to the track repeatedly for days, I knew I wanted to tackle it. I'm actually very thankful this came along as it did mainly because I was having some trouble getting myself to really focus and sit down and edit. So in short, this vid was the kick start I needed to get back in the mindset for editing. Any who, on to the vid description.

    First off, this AMV uses Happy Hardcore/Trancecore music, which is and all but barren genre in AMVs. I can understand why, but I love the fast, crazy beats so I had a lot of fun editing this vid. The mood of the vid pretty much encompasses the romance and tension of Ah! My Goddess, while pulsing a catchy beat. For the most part this video was fun to put together. I tried to stray away from racking my mind by rotoing hundreds of frames, and instead went back to my love of stylish gradients and 3d-ish FX. As for the new ground treaded, this was my first vid using Particle Illusion and I gotta say it's a great little program for "sparkling" up backgrounds and made for some interesting transition ideas. Granted I didn't use it a ton for the vid, but mainly it gave a bit more life to the fractals and such.

    Not too much else to say. This is a fast, bouncy song that made for an unlikely mix of dance/romance/angst. I hope everyone enjoys it! I recommend listening to it loud. :P

    Special Thanks to Michael Mansion for providing an excellent song, and Koopiskeva for giving me some ideas that helped me make the vid come together.

    ***Download Note: The Local download is a high quality mp4 encode. I f you have problems playing it, or your system can't play it, then download the Xvid version available at the Direct link.

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