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  • Members: sweetdeily, Autraya
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Fable
  • Premiered: 2008-04-30
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  • Song:
    • Ever After Official Trailer fable
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    Sweetdeily: After months of "premiere is crashing, ahhh! Is this after-effects? And total hax0r!' we finally finished this video! Now Autraya will finally leave me alone and I can go back to my tentacle porn and other much more sensible things! Yayyyy!! There are more psds/png/bmps than footage in this monstrosity @-@; And the lip sync, oh gods, the lip sync. *sound of head hitting table* This vid started out as tentacle sex, catboys and demon porn and ended up here- god knows how.

    WC : I want to edit something, give me an idea!
    Autraya: uhmmm, but you only edit girly anime, why are you asking me?
    WC: because I've got the bug.
    Autraya: how about princess tutu to the ever after trailer?
    WC: o_o
    Autraya: What?
    WC: I wasn't expecting you to suggest that. I don't own princess Tutu, and I've already edited Kannon to that song.
    Autraya: great now that idea's stuck in my head. I hate you.

    Autraya: Kristy, let's edit princess tutu to ever after!
    Sweetdeily: Who are you and what have you done with my sister?
    Autraya: I even bought the DVD's. i'm sure it'll only take four hours to edit!
    Sweetdeily: Uh, ok.

    *4 months later*
    Autraya: fuck! My internet is capped, I can't upload it!
    Sweetdeily: Freedom!!!
    MD: You, edited princess tutu? ... who are you and where's Autraya?
    WC: o_O you actually edited princess tutu? O_o
    MD: Okay, who did you kill, you had to have killed somebody, people always die in your vids.
    Autraya: -_-; goddamnit, somebody did die... it's such a girly vid ...great now greggus will think I'm even more of a girl T_T

    Dedicated to Willie Wahington for sending me the Chibi Kenshin ;]

    Thanks to Mitch for the err "stuff" and stop cutting yer hair bish!!
    And Yue for bashing my audio with an ACME mallet :|

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