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  • Member: SheeGee
  • Title: Plain of Joy
  • Premiered: 2008-04-28
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    • eufonious Megumeru (Mag Mell)
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    My first AMV using more than one anime! Yea…

    Of course I wanted them to kinda correlate so what’s better than 3 anime series that are popular visual novels from the same company?

    Air, Clannad and Kanon were my 3 favorite series and after the almost finished series of Clannad, I just had to make an AMV of them. And yes, the song used is the opening theme of Clannad.

    Anyways…enjoy the AMV!!!

    Sony Vegas 7

    Lyrics (translated)
    I was having a transparent dream
    It was a tender eternity
    The faint, wind-like voice
    Is calling me from the high sky
    If I take off while like this
    I can go anywhere

    Surely, I'll unreservedly tell you
    The words, thoughts, everything
    That swayed in the light

    I embrace an uncertain feeling
    I feel uneasy no matter what
    I still don't know now
    But someday, the moment when
    I'll reflect in your eyes will come
    The world continues on
    While I'm gazing at you
    If we can see a little future
    Within our joined hands
    Then c'mon, let's release our memories
    Because there's a time that connects to
    The tip of my straightforward heart

    Even on the day of a cold morning
    I'll move forward unhesitatingly
    While I turn pain and sorrow
    Into my allies
    If the atmosphere that illuminates you
    Hasn't disappeared yet
    Then wait for me
    And quietly look down

    If we can see a little future
    Within our joined hands
    Then the words, thoughts, everything
    That swayed in the light-

    Surely, I'll unreservedly tell them
    To the distant you

    *note* in the amv i cut the song down but the lyrics remain the same.

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