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  • Member: Warheart
  • Studio: The Inner Circle
  • Title: Remains of Oblivion: Intraday Dereliction
  • Premiered: 2008-05-17
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  • Songs:
    • Dark Tranquillity Inside The Particle Storm
    • Dark Tranquillity Nothing To No One
    • Dark Tranquillity Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)
    • Dark Tranquillity The Lesser Faith
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  • Comments: Important note for kiddies:

    After receiving numerous quick comments about how badly the effects cover up the actual footage, I recommend people that want to actually see the particular anime to simply watch the anime and not some amv featuring it. This is a video the focus of which lies clearly on editing and not on displaying the anime used. Keep this in mind while watching, and if you're just looking for some random amv with some anime you like I advise to look somewhere else. Having said that I guess this screencaps might give you a little taste of what the video partly looks like.

    5 Trivial facts about the video:

    1. After Effects is the most applicable tool for editing
    2. Blending modes are legend
    3. Organizing MEPs / Collabs sucks
    4. Dark Tranquillity is the best band on earth
    5. Encoding Effect Madness


    Progress Start: 26.04.07
    Progress Complete: 26.04.08
    Time spent: approx. 340 h
    (source capture, export and compressing included)
    (yep more than a year)

    Yep, this is what remained of almighty Oblivion after Deaf Jester and GfN were forced to call it quits due to various reasons (GfNs HD crashed so he lost all his parts). But I decided that I would just sew together the parts I had edited so far in order not to lose the work of a whole year. The original project was approx. 7 mins and featured some more songs and great artworks by Dark Tranquillty (the swedish gods of intelligent metalart) to which this whole project was dedicated. Originally 3 editors, 1 album, 6 songs, and a shitload of fun. After a while I lost my companions even after they had finished some of their parts, which was very sad and de-motivated me alot. But still, after working on it for almost a whole year I wouldn't have been able to just lay my weapons down, so I resampled the interludes and fused it together. I guess it's still the most astonishing work I've ever done and it builds a bridge to my best works like Ashes of the Coming Dawn or Artificial Imagery which were more effect orientated than my later works which were more basic and less over the top therefore edited with more feeling for the music, more actionsync and flow. This video combines both, and I guess I won't be able to top this one to soon, since I won't have that much time to put such a huge amount of effort into the next one. 340 hours of time within a whole year, I guess you guys can possibly imagine how much work it has been putting this together ...

    Parts in the actual order in which I edited them:

    P4: Ergo Proxy
    Audio: Nothing to No One
    Finished: 13.5.07
    This was the first part I edited because I still had the raws lying around and I found it rather fitting moreover after my 3 tries making an Ergo Proxy video it seemed natural to finally give it a try and finish something using the extraordinary piece of elegance. The idea was simple, blending some LA with Ergo Proxy and adding some brushes midway through. A pretty simple segment which took me about a week or 2, and maybe about 30 hours, in April - May 2007.

    P3: Animatrix
    Audio: Inside the Particle Storm
    Finished: 17.07.07
    The main idea of this segment was again rather simple, for the song implements a glimpse of impending doom to me I fused some LA of for example nuclear weapon tests (which Orwell send to me) and Animatrix together with some renders in order to emphasize the atmosphere of the song. Lateran jumping to some live footage of the band for pure fandom and maybe to let people see how awesome they're live. This time I edited in AE, first time ever that I edited a whole segment in AE, but certainly not the last time. I spent like 80-85 hours on this track since I was rather unaware how effective one could edit with AE. GfN really showed me a lot of useful stuff about AE during the making of this segment. I build this one during June and July 2007

    P1: Origins
    Audio: Terminus (Where Death is most Alive)
    Finished: 28.08.07
    Well, this one was actually the most fun part of the whole project, I love that anime, and one night watching it again, I wondered if it would fit to the song, I had yet to edit, being the actually socio-critical blastsong Terminus. Although content wise I must admit it is random, the editing was fairly awesome. The first time I tried blending macros into the footage for more grungy looks in it, worked out pretty good I think, and the use of sometimes up to 17 layers was also new to me at the time, and I had to use a lot of sub-composition which I hate even now. The segment is the most chaotic I think, however I tried out a lot of new things in the segment which I had never touched before, such as the graph tool for motion and AE motionblur which is better than any plugin. Again I used AE only even for timing which might be a pain in the ass and take longer than Premiere but it still works. I used up almost another 105 hours for this segment during my semester holidays august 2007.

    P2: Soultaker
    Audio: The Lesser Faith
    Finished: 22.12.07
    This took me a little longer because my mates didn't make any progress due to a lack of motivations so I hadn't quite the passion for the project I once had, still once I started I progressed quite well and edited with one or two brakes of a few weeks. I guess this is the most effecsy segment of the whole project and features a lot of particle stuff and 3D anims. And yeah, I more or less used everything I had learned about AE during the making of Oblivion. It's pure Chaos and might cause epilepsy. I worked on this approx. 100 hours starting October finishing around Christmas.

    Intro/Outro: Byousoku
    Audio: Wintertriangle
    Finished: 14.04.08
    So after my mates had now completely retired from the project I decided not to lose the editing of a whole year, so I edited now and then trying to finish things up, but due to university and girlfriend there was a certain lack of time causing me to drag this on over 3 months. Actually I just finished things as early as possible because Acen was coming and I thought some publicity might be nice so people might even take a look at this.

    And, as I write this (26.04.08) I'm still encoding the h264 version, for Akon and JapanExpo not to mention the distro you might be looking at in the next few minutes; so basically I'm not even done yet. :D

    Some quotes:

    OropherZero: I was like whattttttt the shittttt is going on lololol

    Zarxrax: Really interesting video unlike any I have ever seen before.

    Kisanzi: Warheart has lost his mind and gone mad with power!

    Flint the Dwarf: I think that if God were to vomit, it would look something like this.

    Final Notes: Dark Tranquillity are awesome, even after editing the songs for such a long time the album "Fiction" does still roam in my mind without causing the slightest idea of boredom - after editing 340 hours. I must say that even suprised me. So I highly advice you to buy their albums and go see a show, they're one of the best live bands I've seen.

    And now have fun watching. :-)


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