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  • Member: Vlad G Pohnert
  • Title: The Audition
  • Premiered: 2008-03-28
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  • Songs:
    • Georges Bizet Habanera (Carmen)
    • Jerry Lee Lewis Great Balls of Fire
    • The Firm Star Trekkin'
    • The Muppets Mahna Mahna
    • The Village People YMCA
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    Director’s Voice: Mark Nyuyen – 404s Improve Comedy Group (
    Vocal mixing: Irulanne (

    I’ve always wanted to do a fun and silly comedy video for some quite time. However, most of my concepts require way too much time to try to even attempt so I’ve not made one up until now.

    The original concept for this one was going to be called “failed Broadway auditions” and was going to be based on acts on a stage that never made it to become Broadway musical acts for obvious reasons. However as I developed this concept, since I was making a parody of acts using anime, I got the idea rather to also parody auctions of an anime convention (a parody of a parody!) and hence my monstrous and crazy idea was finalized!

    I don’t seem to make thing easy for myself. Not only did this video require a ton of masking, but it also required a lot of lip synching, something a figured I would never ever do several years ago. In fact, at the start I was going to only have a single character or two in each act, but NOOOO, I had to have a tom on them to make my life even more complicated. Hence, the lip sync nightmares of nightmares was born.

    The other aspect that made it auuu, interesting that my project have been slowly approaching more and more closer to being full compositions. Well, I finally with this video made something that is 100% composition as there is not a single full screen frame of any of the original sources in it! As a needed a stage, I thought instead of just curtain I would have a video screen so that the auditions would be full multimedia acts that seems perfect these days for an Anime convention opening ceremonies act! The screen was created using Photoshop and the curtains taken and modified from a image on the internet (yea for the internet!)

    In each of the act, I also needed some sort of transition, and hence having the director who runs the audition was the perfect way. I wanted a sort of director that says it exactly how he feels about it in a sort of rude but still artsy way. The inspiration of the character came actually from the original Spiderman cartoon from the character of J Johanna Jamison! However, I needed a voice that fit him and so I asked a friend I know who has done armature voice acting and runs a very successful and popular improve group here in Alberta! As he loves the videos I make he was more than happy to do it after reading my script (Yes, I had a script for it all!!!). I was also blessed with his girlfriend who actually is a singer who did the voice recording so it was really very clear and crisp! The character I chose to play the director from a recommendation of a friends who I played the vocals for and it seem to fit in perfect for the part (looks sort is artsy and his anime character has the same attitude!)

    Lastly, I had to develop the acts themselves. Ironically I seemed to develop them based on older songs, but most of them seem timeless and perfect for the parts. My intent was to make 6 or more acts, but that provided to make the video long and take forever so I ended up with the five! My favorite ones to work on are the transformers as well as the Manamana one! Originally for that one I was going to have Totoro do the manamana, but it is very hard to make him lip sync the words, so my final replacement I think was even more awesome! HOWEVER, I kept the ending so it made it even funnier I think

    Pretty much most of it was done in After Effects with Photoshop and use of Premiere for the lip sync and background videos.

    I really do love the way it turned out and it was very well loved at Sakura-con! I finally made a comedy that is funny and am proud to help contribute to helping comedy AMvs from dying off as Doki Doki puts it!

    Thanks to all my betas who gave me feedback on the project especially Illia Sadria and AtomX….


    Sakura-Con 2008
    - Best Comedy
    - Best in Show
    Anme North 2008
    - Momiji no Video - Judges' Choice Award
    AWA 14 Expo
    - Best Comedy

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