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  • Member: ExSphere
  • Studio: DZ-Studios (D-Zi-Er Studios)
  • Title: The Realm of Possibilities
  • Premiered: 2008-04-20
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  • Song:
    • Sum 41 The Hell Song
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  • Comments: Well here it is folks, the most un-original Naruto video EVAH =D

    This video actually has a lot of history to it besides it just being an un original video with a commercial anime. This actually started as a beta back in 06 when I was still a vegas nub. I made about a min length segmet and really had fun working on it. At the tiem I was trying to be an awsome editor and think of some original concept with some un heard of amazing hip hop song. But I really couldnt come up with anything and nothing came to mind. Eventually I just decided to finish this beta, because I really liked it and wanted to see it done. I wasn't trying to edit for other people, I enjoy editing for myself and doing what I think is fun. Which is probrably why this video got so much shit on the forums. But in the end I dont regret it, and this is still my favorite video to date.

    This video originally wasnt' going to be so effecty. But once I got near the guitar solo I ran out of idea's and decided to actually have some fun wiht it. Even though their were some orphan frame's and some of the masks got off track it still came out looking allright.

    What I was really upset about this video was how I didnt de interlace my third DVD opening, I was working with Divx footage, so their was ALOT of orphan frames (which explains the quick subtitles at one bit), and someone scripted my footage for me which is why some of the character's came out orange. Overall their was plenty of flaw's with this video.

    The ending was the toughest part for me. I felt like I didnt get my point across, or I didnt make what I saw in my head. So once it got to the last chorus I actually cut the song and up'd the volume on it a lil bit, which gave it a pretty nice kick. And pulled out EVERY action scene I could pull out of my ass. Then ended it with a cookie cutter overlaying a clip of at least every single episode of naruto fading from every character of naruto ( I remember actually visualizing the ending every day when I would jam to this song)

    I still would like to re release this video with all the bugs fixed. But I dont edit in Vegas anymore, and I deleted all my naruto episode's a couple weeks after I released it. so those big shot critics from youtube are just gonna have to deal with it =p

    Anyway, This video is my pride and Joy, I truley love it.

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