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  • Member: iconzicons
  • Title: GUNBUSTER -- So Alive
  • Premiered: 2003-01-01
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    • Ryan Adams So Alive
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  • Comments: I made this video a loooong time ago (it was one of the first videos I ever made) under the name "pureglasscup" (pureglassvideos), which was my handle before I became "ponyboy" on LiveJournal. I've seen this uploaded on YouTube and (annoyingly) by other users on who don't clearly state that it wasn't made by them, which *might* be confusing if you're trying to find out who actually MADE the video... Rest assured -- it was me! Ponyboy from IconzIcons.

    I love Gunbuster. I still consider it to be the greatest anime series of all time, so even though this video has a lot of technical problems, I still like it a lot. I'd like to remake this one eventually, now that I kind of know what I'm doing a little better... Heh! I just want to do Noriko justice!

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