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  • Members: Gydin, Kinchan12
  • Studio: Addicting Pillows
  • Title: Kleine Cossette
  • Premiered: 2008-04-16
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    • Barbi Schiller Lebenslicht
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    Well... This is it! ^-6 =(

    This is a collaborated work done by my sister and I. Quite personally, this would be considered my very first video, but my sister has done other projects before. I like the way this video turned out even though I think it could have been better, but then again, when is a video truly complete? And then again, everyperson has his or hers own opinion, which makes it imposible to make a truly complete video. But anywhosa... I still hope you enjoy it, and thanks for watching!! ^-6 =(

    Programs used:

    Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0
    Adobe PhotoShop Elements 5.0

    Time frame of production:
    Some where around two months from start to finish (Starting around mid February), and I guess on average about 6 hours a week. (I know its slow, but hey, its our first video)

    ^-6 ~~~~~~~~~ Spoiler Alert!!! ~~~~~~~~~ =(

    This is the part where I tell the story of the video, which is quite different from the anime. Now if you have already seen the video, your probably wondering "What the heck is going on!" I do agree, by the end of the video we had such bad coordination that the story of the video seems blurred.

    Here is the story. For the first portion of the video, I wanted to introduce the characters. First off was the young man, (I won't call him Irie, although that is what he is called in the anime) and the young girl. These two characters are the characters the video focuses on. In the video, the young girl is dead from the start, (Sad, but true) and she is haunting this man throughout the video. During the video, you can see that the young man has some sort of connection with this girl. During the intermission of the song, it shows how the man is feeling regretful of a past deed. But of course! He is the one that had murdered the young and fair lady! And that is why he is feeling so regretful! In a last despration to rid himself of the phontom, he rushes over to the lady's grave, only to find the corpes still there....

    Isn't that a great story!? I sure hope you tell that story to all the good little boys and girls...

    -------------------------------JUST KIDDING---------------------------------

    (And Thanks Again: Gydin and Kinchan12)

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