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  • Member: Zarxrax
  • Title: Smashing it Old School
  • Premiered: 2008-04-11
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    • apotheosis o fortuna(excalibur remix)
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  • Comments: After a seven year long AMV editing career, I have finally made an action video that I can feel proud of. I once believed that I simply didn't have what it takes to make a good action video, as every previous attempt I have made failed quite miserably, but it looks like one finally worked!

    I got the idea for this after completing the Subspace Emissary mode in Super Smash Bros Brawl. During the credits, it showed a music video which I felt was pretty good, and this immediately started the gears turning in my head. I was really impressed when it displayed the lyrics to the theme song, and it struck me how well that piece of opera music fit with the overall theme of the game. I knew I wanted to use some type of opera-like music for my video as well. The first thing to come to mind was, of course, O Fortuna.
    Now, there are countless remixes of O Fortuna out there, but one that has always stuck in my head was one used in an AMV by Sammy back in 2001, in his video EXCALIBUR. I didn't really want to use the exact same song he did though, so I tried out some other versions. After listening to a lot of different versions of the song, and even trying to combine a few of them together, I decided that nothing would really work for what I had in mind quite like the version of the song that Sammy used. I really didn't want it to seem like I was blatantly copying his video or anything, but whatever... let's call it a tribute.
    As for the editing of the video, my goal was to do a straightforward action video devoid of any fancy effects and focused heavily on action sync, similar to the style of AMVs that were popular back around the turn of the century. I feel like that old style of editing has largely been lost these days, and I wanted to try to capture it again through this video, hence the title: Smashing it Old School.

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