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  • Members: VegettoEX, MeriC
  • Title: X-Men Trailer / DBZ
  • Premiered: 2001-06-23
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    • X-Men Movie Trailer
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  • Comments: After watching Brad DeMoss' trailer for "Star Wars: Episode 1" using "Neon Genesis Evangelion" footage, I said to my girlfriend, "More people should make these."

    Later that night, we found ourselves working on one.

    This simple, two-day project was just a little fun thing for us to work on, but it's quite humorous ^^;;.

    Using the audio from an "X-Men" trailer, we decided to use DBZ footage, simply because our sites are DBZ related, and it's what we immediately had available to us. Also, since we wanted it to be a quick project, we opted to use a 30-second TV spot for our trailer, rather than a long, intense theatrical trailer.

    We ended up focusing on Vegeta, having him play the part of Wolverine.

    What I found to be hilarious is that one scene Vegeta is saying "There's not many people that understand people like us" to Gokuu; two scenes later, Gokuu says, "He's not one of us."

    Everyone's favorite part so far seems to be what Vegeta says to Gokuu while placing his hand on Gokuu's shoulder.

    The part with Android 19 running away was a bit of a parody (on my insisting) on FUNimation's choice of a completely unfitting voice for the character in the English dub.

    Notice that Freeza (in his hover-seat) plays the part of Xavier (who.. well.. has a hover-seat; wheel-chair in the live movie). Neat little thing we noticed after completing the clip.

    My girlfriend (Meri, of "Temple o' Trunks" - did the majority of editing concerning lip-synching, while I chose the majority of scenes to use. It was a dual-effort in all aspects ^^.

    ** Updated: 16 July 2001

    One thing I'd like to stress in this video is that it's not intended to have any kind of "serious" tone to it. Sure, that's what the audio would imply, and yes, that's what the original trailer was intended to do. However.. this is partly a parody. When there's something serious being verbally SAID, there's a good chance there's going to be something TOTALLY contrasting on-screen, and this is generally intended. One good example I can think of (because people bring it up in this exact scenario) is the scene where Gokuu says, "He's not one of us," with a light-hearted look on his face; again, this was *intended*.

    Also as mentioned, it's partly parody, which is why there's the amusing scene with Jinzoningen 19 Gou running along (see description of this scene above).

    Also, the reason there is an abrupt ending is.. well.. that's how the audio to the trailer is.

    Also, there is a new version of the MPEG uploaded. It's slightly larger in filesize (now 5.75 MB; still relatively small). The main difference is that it is now encoded using TMPGEnc, rather than Xing MPEG Encoder, and was done at a constant 1500 Kbps bitrate. Also, the VHS wear at the bottom of the screen has been cropped out.

    The reasoning for it stating participation at Otakon 2001: it's not involved with the music video contest. Be on the lookout for a fan dub/parody entitled "This is Otakudom" that Meri and I did some minor voice work for. This trailer will be included as a part of the parody, and will be making its (finished) debut at Otakon 2001.

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