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  • Member: DriftRoot
  • Title: My Song Ate My AMV
  • Premiered: 2008-04-08
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    • Frankie Goes to Hollywood Relax
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    There used to be a notice here about not downloading this AMV if you're looking for a "real" AMV experience, however that seemed to be a really bad move because almost no one was watching it. So instead I'll just state up front that this is an AMV aberration of the first order, really just an attempt to salvage some kind of entertainment value from an experiment that blew up in my face, so if you don't like that sort of thing then don't say I didn't try to warn you :D

    There is only ONE line in this AMV that was supposed to be lip synched. All the rest is Kadaj speaking out of turn, which you can't avoid if you use the scenes I did in this AMV. Watch the hands, not the mouth.

    Stripped down to its bare bones, this was technically my second AMV. Yes, Iím releasing it after I released two AMVs, which theoretically makes it my third, however I completed the foundation of this AMV several months before my last project even began to take form, so it really does predate its uploaded predecessor.

    I sat down with this song, just planning to mess around and test the waters, so to speak - not intending to make a real AMV whatsoever - and this is what happened. I hadn't storyboarded anything, I hadn't even really listened closely to the lyrics or reviewed my footage, I was just having fun with Advent Children. I also was working linearly - I started at the beginning of the song and moved forward, splicing together footage from various scenes as I went along without worrying about what was going to happen down the line. After a fairly short amount of time the result was what you see in this AMV. Yes, I tweaked it a little for synch purposes and eight months later added some fancy extras, but I didn't set it up ahead of time, there's no trick here, no scheming, no behind-the-scenes manipulations to make it work out the way it did ('cept for some audio editing, which was done with an eye towards using the song in a compilation and, again, without paying attention to what I was doing). I'd never take credit for something that was actually an accident of monumental proportions, but I'm also not going to stick this in a closet somewhere just because it was literally a disaster.

    Even disasters can be entertaining - look at the Titanic.

    Unlike the Titanic, however, this AMV was never supposed to be perfect, in fact itís really messed up on several levels. As always, though, this is the best I could do at the time working with the footage that was given to me. Blame Square-Enix for the lip flap and environmental issues, if you want, itís their fault Kadaj is a chatterbox and canít follow stage directions. :P

    Lyrics (whatís in the AMV, at least):
    Oh oh

    Relax don't do it
    When you want to go to it
    Relax don't do it
    When you want to come
    Relax don't do it
    When you want to suck to it
    Relax don't do it
    When you want to come
    Come-oh oh oh

    But shoot it in the right direction
    Make making it your intention-ooh yeah
    Live those dreams
    Scheme those schemes
    Got to hit me
    Hit me
    Hit me with those laser beams

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