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  • Member: luggeriano
  • Studio: Shrewpal Studios
  • Title: Gravi Note
  • Premiered: 2008-04-05
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    • Maximum The Hormone what's up people!? (TV size)
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  • Comments: This is may third AMV. As you can see from the main title it's a parody, spoof mainly inspired by Death Note and its parody variation Lucky Note. I thoght that it would be fun to make a similar crossover parody to Gravitation, because

    1. Gravitation is funny stuff, full of SD characters, a good basic for a parody.
    2. the AMV mirrors my opinion toward yaoi and BL animes and regarding the whole phenomenon..meg, sorry, fangirls I am a male person though. ;-)))
    3. I truly despise the screaming-drooling yaoi fangirl phenomenon during Cons so it's kind of spoof on fangirls.

    I watched many times over and over original Death Note opening and Lucky Note version to build up in my head my own concept. So scenes were given, I had to just find the identical or similarly ones and set them in the most funniest position (with cutting or effecting) for parodyzing. I treid to put in the main characters from Gravitation but mostly build gay jokes around Yuki and Suuichi. I was emphasizing the gay feeling with Suuichi's girl dressed scenes and several SD / idiotic faces.
    The hardest part was for me those lot of masking works...meh I fianlly survived them. I partly used original DN scenes also like the floating circles in a mask. The text are my own stuffs, I made them according to the original version (same languages, same position but text was referring to the word GRAVITATION and of course I also smuggled in our Hungarian term for it XD) The shooting part was just a completely montaged picture (modified by Photoshop) moved by according to the original version. I changed bullets here to bananas, referreing to Suuichi's banana cosplay XD. Hibreed scenes were also used maskin Gravitation characters into the original DN opening. I made som changes in the end becasue originally fangirl intro and outro was not part of the AMV. I changes it because I worried that in this form audience (and mainly the MAIN TARGET, fangirls of course will misunderstand my intentions and think its a nice fan -crossover AMV for DN+Gravitaion)

    This AMV was also made to compete on SakuraCon 2008, Hungary. in a different category (Animax category).

    I used only Sony Vegas 8.0 here. I spent about 2 weeks to make this AMV. It's not so long only standard 1:30 long Opening long but I think I was using more advanced effects and I worked subjectively more thanh with my Code Geass AMV.

    I hope like it.

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