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  • Member: Cross/fade
  • Title: Kiler from the Holy Forest
  • Premiered: 2008-04-05
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    • elektryczne gitary Kiler
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  • Comments: So my dear friends, its finally here ! My second amv .... sounds scary, doesnt it ?
    Well, I dont blame you. My first one WAS a piece of sh.... art. But I can assure you this time around things gonna be diffrent. I read, I studied, watched some hentai and reached another level in amv making. But .... yes, there are always "buts" - song is in polish. Since the strong point of this amv is matching scenes with lyrics, non-polish speaking GTO fans will be bored. So do yourself a favor and: A) learn polish just to watch this amv (great motivation, isnt it?) B) go download something else C) drink beer (beer always helps).

    About the AMV.

    It was a pain in the ass by the end. Really. I started this amv project just to level up my skills, but it turned out to be something a little bigger than what I expected it to be >>. I didn't have enough motivation and determination on this one. No, its not like I didnt try my best here. It was just that ..... I lost my interest halfway there.

    And btw. "kiler" is not a mistake here.

    Enough of my ranting. Hope you will enjoy it !

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