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  • Member: Sheepworld
  • Title: Curse of the Noah
  • Premiered: 2008-04-04
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    • Within Temptation What Have You Done (Ft. Keith Caputo)
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  • Comments: As with all my vids, this is 100% subtitle free for your enjoyment.

    The focus is on two characters; Tykki and Allen, and their...less than pleasant dealings with one another.

    Oh yes, spoilers ahoy! I used the episodes from around 56 - 77.

    I always lose count of how long it takes to make a vid but it was a reasonably long time. This amv doesn't feature any special effects because I wanted to keep the footage simple but in the end I was pleased with the result.

    If there are any problems or lag in the vid, please contact me. Comments and crit are always appreciated.

    Edit: Eep, I just realised that there's already a D-Gray man vid to this song. Well, that's what I get for not doing my homework, eh? Haha, oh well, for curiosity's sake why not download both? I'm sure it'll be interesting.

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