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  • Member: garhunt05
  • Title: Songs that describe 2
  • Premiered: 2008-04-01
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  • Songs:
    • 2001: A Space Odyssey Diologue from movie
    • 300 Trailer Audio from Trailer
    • Aerosmith Knocking on heavens door
    • Akino Arai Solitude
    • Azumanga Daioh Sound Clip
    • Backstreet Boys The Call
    • Baltimora Tarzan Boy
    • Batman quotes
    • Belle and sebastian Shu up and sleep with me
    • Birdman & Lil Wayne Army gunZ
    • Black Sabbath Iron Man
    • Britney Spears Boom Boom(Why you look so sexy)
    • CB4 I'm Black Y'all
    • Dane Cook Creepy guy at work
    • DDR Drop the Bomb
    • DDR Lupin III
    • demitri from paris necko mimi mode
    • Devo Whip It!
    • Doomsday Diologue from movie
    • Dragon Ball Z Diologue from show
    • DragonForce Through the Fire and the Flames
    • Evangelion Diologue from show
    • F-Zero GP legend Diologue from show
    • Family Guy Soundbites
    • Fist Of the North Star Audio from show
    • FPS Doug Sound Clip
    • Freakazoid Freakazoid Main Theme
    • Gloria Gaynor I will survive
    • Greenday Grouch
    • He-Man He-Man Intro
    • Imogen Heap Hide and Seek
    • Jerry Lee Lewis Splish splash I was taking a bath
    • Jimmy Eat World Sweetness
    • Justin Timberlake Sexyback
    • Lemon Demon Knife fight
    • Loituma Leva's Polka
    • Marvin Gaye Let's Get It On
    • methods of mayhem Get Naked
    • Nick Drake Suicide is Painless
    • Pavarotti Ave Maria
    • Samurai Jack Samurai Jack theme
    • seasame street gangsters Kiddie porn
    • Shaun of the dead Diologue from movie
    • Starwars quotes
    • Starwars 3 audio]
    • Superman Returns Lex Luthor: WRONG!!!
    • System of a Down Sugar
    • The Beatles Maxwell's silver hammer
    • The Simpsons Misc. Quote
    • The Toasters Two Tone Army
    • The untouchables (movie) Diologue from movie
    • Twisted Sister We're Not Gonna Take It
    • Whitney Houston I will always love You
    • Will Smith Not Ya Head ( Black suits Commin')
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  • Comments: This is my AMV hell ripoff. It's not just song based like the the previous songs that describe but it's mostly musical. I made this video all by my self and wanted to make it longer but decided to save that for the sequel.

    The most difficult one was the Azumanga Daioh wqith Evangelion splitscreen since I had to redo that one alot since originally it was going to be shinji and osaka then I made it chiyo and Sasahara(genshiken) but sttled on Chiyo/gendo

    I like making this video I did Take quite a bit of Audio from Youtube. so there are Audio quality problems mostly in the begining. That said i hope you enjoy this video

    Forgot to list one song Ray jay parker's "ghostbusters is in there too" stupid me.

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