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  • Member: Miracle_Falcon
  • Title: Celestial Being Comes Crashing Down
  • Premiered: 2008-04-02
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    • My Chemical Romance Heaven Help Us
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  • Comments: Here is my fourteenth anime music video, done to My Chemical Romance's "Heaven Help Us" and Gundam 00. In this AMV, I tried to focus on the metaphors of the gundams as angels... It was interesting to work with. This also focuses very much on Setsuna and Lockon, particularly in their fight against Ali Al-Sarges.

    This AMV took me the longest to make out of any I've done before, and I think it shows. To those of you keeping up with my AMVs, I have two things to say to you: First off, why the hell are you still watching? And secondly, that this is definitely my best technical work thus far. Though your taste in music REALLY impacts whether or not you like this video.

    But, well, of course I feel like I did a good job, I made the video. So why don't you see for yourself, rather than listen to my self-glorifying rambling?

    Oh, and leave a review. That'd be nice.

    ...Be a good person.

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