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  • Member: Millenium Strife
  • Studio: Avalon Blade Works
  • Title: Sakura-Con 2008 Opening Video
  • Premiered: 2008-03-28
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  • Song:
    • The Slants Sakura Sakura
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  • Comments: This was the opening video that was supposed to play at opening ceremonies this year at Sakura-Con 2008. Due to an epic fail on the part of the hired tech crew we had, they didn't have the appropriate equipment to play the file as an AVI. That's what happens when you have a bogged down 4 year old Dell laptop loaded with crap as your video player.

    I even rushed to get CCCP and Media Player classic so it would play, and the guy wouldn't let me load them onto the PC. I even asked him before and he said it was cool... thanks for doubling back on me there, guy..

    They did play it from the DVD player they had (Note, this was NOT a DVD authored file), but it was jerky and horrible to watch.. at least from the creator's point of view (IE: mine). Thankfully, the Slants played the song live, so it wasn't a complete loss. It was just a shame people weren't able to enjoy the full video, which included clips from skits, images of our guests and just an overall good AMV experience.


    This year's OP video included photos from some Sakura-Con staffers, and some video clips of cosplay skits. We were even able to use some promo footage/images for our bands, Ketchup Mania, the Slants, SCANDAL and Ali Project. I'd like to thank:

    * Eric, Carlos, the Cosplay Hunter for all the cosplay photos.
    * Rosanne for the cosplay/stage videos.
    * David Cirone of Japan Files for the Promo Ketchup Mania DVD.
    * Edwin for the SCANDAL images from their Seattle concert.
    * Yuki for purchasing the Ali Project special edition CD/DVD for the Ali Project Footage
    * Our 2008 Mascot Contest Winner (Sorry! I don't have a name! Get it to me and I'll change it appropriately!)

    The video is here in a fully enjoyable format. So please enjoy it!


    We come from a different school that doesn't want to be the same
    Against the grain is rhythm
    Social tempo is about to change

    And then you'll see and you'll eloquently want to be the one
    And when you reach it, it will burn you up like the rising sun

    We sing for the Japanese and the Chinese
    And all the dirty knees
    Can you see me
    We sing in harmony
    We sing for the Japanese and the Chinese
    And all the dirty knees
    Can you see me?
    We sing in harmony
    For all the babies in the alleys

    Pick up the pieces
    Put them back into order
    And try not to confine
    All of the reasoning to reality of surrounding time


    (This is where you can really hear the traditional folk melody of "Sakura Sakura" being played on the keyboard, although it is the underlying tone of the entire song. I highlighted this part with a couple of Sakura characters along with sakura blossoms flying around.)


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