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  • Member: -MD
  • Title: MD vs Chaosprojects IC - Viral Attack
  • Premiered: 2008-04-01
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    • Lordi Chainsaw Buffet
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  • Comments: I Suck. I haven't uploaded a vid in forever so I'll just throw an IC up for now and finish my other vid.... T.T Me and CP had an IC match. I have no clue who won...oh yea!! Join #superic on IRC. We do IC matches often and we ummm...have fun and stuff....we have a small croud (more then 6-7).

    What is IC/IronChef:
    Kionon: "Iron Chef. You don't get to choose the music and don't know what it is until right before you start. You have a mere 2 hours to make a complete video, or get as far as you can." I put this here because people keep asking :|
    Oh I forgot! There may be orphan frames..they pop up a few times...I have to fix that next time I rip.

    You got your invitation
    a family dinner, and tonite you will meet

    No need for hesitation, sugar
    We're gonna love you and it's all we can eat

    The steaks ala carte mama make from the heart
    And my pas such a gourmet for gore
    Jammed eyes, bleeding herbs
    Banquet dining is worth dying for

    At the chainsaw - chainsaw buffet
    The secret ingredient screams
    You're my main course
    at the chainsaw buffet
    Feed on man-eater's cuisine
    At the chainsaw - chainsaw buffet
    Chainsaw buffet

    Enjoy ^.^

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