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  • Member: The Origonal Head Hunter
  • Studio: Muslim Inquisition Productions
  • Title: Suicidal Nightmares 2: The Wet Dreams
  • Premiered: 2008-09-26
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    • Johnny Mandell Suicide is Painless
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  • Comments: Gungrave video numero dos.

    Three different relationships, all of them ending with the death of the one she loves. She brings death to all she comes close to. What is there left to do but kill the closest of all: to take one's own life?

    A video nearly a year in the making. Started back in December, shortly after my grandfahter's death. I abandoned it for nearly 5 months before finally picking back up and finishing and refining it.

    A logical successor to the original Suicidal Nightmares, not by way of chronological order, or by way of an interwoven series, but by way of ideas and themes. Though the suicide in the first SN was more direct, SN2 does feature one though in a different way: through assisted means.

    Though this video lacks the lyrical sync of the first, I believe it still holds to the same ideas as its predecessor: when our worlds start crashing down around us, we ALL make the choice of how we deal with the stresses of emotional and mental drainage, and these videos, unfortunately, give a glimpse of one of the more grim alternatives.

    It is a quick and painless way out, and we can take or leave it, if we please.

    Thanks to Beta Testers:


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