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  • Member: LotrNaruto
  • Title: Hookie
  • Premiered: 2008-03-28
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    • Limp Bizkit Hookie
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  • Comments: This is a little video I put together and its about the Sonic character we all know and love, Shadow!Shadow is an android and he must find out what he is.Shadow is the reject the hedgehog left out and no I do not want to destroy the world XD.Anyway heres the details and story.

    Story:Aliens are taking over the city and Shadow doesn't remember which side he is on? Good,Evil, or his own side? I think we all know the answer.He destroys the army and aliens.The reject is left out from Sonic and beats Sonic and flies off to find more of his life.And I will let you see the rest.

    Artist-Limp Biskit
    Program-Sony Vegas 7.0
    Anime,Game,or Show-SHadow the Hedgehog based on Sonice the Hedgehog

    Hope You Enjoy^^!!!!!!!!

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