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  • Member: luggeriano
  • Studio: Shrewpal Studios
  • Title: Lulu, what have you done ?
  • Premiered: 2008-03-26
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    • Within Temptation What Have You Done (Ft. Keith Caputo)
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  • Comments: This is my second AMV. This AMV was made to compete on SakuraCon 2008, Hungary. Actually, the basics were originally given what I wanted to make because of my previous AMV was v 1.0 of my idea, but the design was bad, conceptless and amateurish. So, in this AMV I rethinked what do I want to tell to the viewers. I have chosen a brand new music first of all.

    That was WHAT HAVE YOU DONE (feat. Keith Caputo) from Within Temptation. The lyric is easily harmonising in many points with the story and / or drama of Code Geass. So, I built up the concept around the trinity of Leluoch, Suzaku and C.C.

    I used the refrain several times to blame Lulu by the others ("what have you done") and cut as many Suzaku scene I could to emphasize the "from best friends to worst enemies" image and show the strange sometimes hateish, sometimes loveish relationship between Lulu and C.C. (" I, I was waiting for someone like you"). I still learning and palying with effects, so it's very possible that I overdone somewhere the effecting job.

    I used Sony Vegas 8.0 and Adobe After Effects 7.0 (only at one scene, in the end, at the TV screens part). I put cca. 3 weeks effort to build up the storyline, cut and effecting. Then I asked some pro AMV maker's help to check my beta. According to their advices I spent about additional 2 weeks to change some scenes, correct the mistakes (mainly masking problems) and render the final version.

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