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  • Member: Woy
  • Title: Mech'Eyes - Intro
  • Premiered: 2008-03-10
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    • Gari Open your Eyes
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  • Comments: Intro of the MEP 'Mech Eyes', edited byt the UFO Team
    for the French Team Iron Chef which took place on the 2008 March 7th-9th week end (48hours).

    UFO Team :
    "Too Bad if we Win !"
    # Pilot 03 - Neb : BigBoss
    # Pilot 01- Otaku99999 : Vice-Captain
    # Pilot 02 - Hige-San : Top Gun Pilot
    # Pilot 00 - me : reserve pilot
    My participation to this MEP was to create the intro and outro (credits).
    On the way of the Mecha, we decided -and annonced before the beginning of the contest-
    to only use anime with Mechas.

    Contest :
    French Team Iron Chef
    Six teams :
    - Kurotsuki Team
    - UFO Team (our team ^^)
    - Foxy's Gods (the winner of the contest)
    - 4KKKKK
    - Soul Team (they ended second)
    - CCCCC Team
    Go and have a look to the Foxies' creation, it's really amazing what they did for a 48h work.

    The rules of the contest was :
    . 3 Songs to use (at least 75% of the final mix had to be done by at least 2 of these songs)
    . 5 minutes to edit
    . 3 editors to work on it
    As the reserve team member (it was my birthday this week end and I didn't know if I could stay on the project),
    I was quite free, more than any other member of the Team. to use the song I wanted.

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