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  • Member: Col_Thanas
  • Title: The Final Goodbye
  • Premiered: 2008-03-21
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    • Evanescence My Immortal (Band Version)
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  • Comments: Well this is fun amv to make, the bastard child of the gundam series. =P ending horribly sucked, but i liked the storyline so much.


    took me the end of December to feb to make this AMV. i think i clocked in around 48-50 hours making this because of the some the series i fiddled around with because they didn't fit in my eyes.

    premeried on the big screen at Anime Boston 2008 for the AMV contest. (woot!) didn't make it, mostly because i think people thought it belonged in drama, which after watching two of the videos in drama, i thought so as well. >_> oops....... o well, the people thought they were out of the drama section, not quite. ;)

    anyway, lets see, i got an nice applause tho i think it was more of an "kind" applause after 5-10 seconds as people are like." wtf? um ok..." the people around me generally liked it, but i think simply because it's an gundam series people didn't vote for it. *shrugs* o well. life tough, my original goal was to see how far i could get an AMY that was not main-stream (IE - haruhi, FF, death note) and see if i could win an contest with it. I managed to get into the finals for it, so i think it was mostly successful since people viewed it and when i asked random people who saw it, they liked it.

    anyway, used adobe premerie pro 2.0 on it. Nothing fancy, an simple overlay for the black and white scenes that my friend taught me to make during spring break. any questions on the video, my aim is phate561, usually on all the time so feel free to pop me an message. alot available on you tube under "Gundam seed destiny - The Final Goodbye"

    not sure what else to add. I give kudoes to the other entries, made it an wonderful contest, tho i'm an bit bitter about not winning (of course people want their video to win), it was an awesome contest.

    ok, since wont' host the video for legal reasons (i fully understand why now, and didn't realize it till after they had removed the video), i've posted it both on youtube and on

    youtube you can find it by searching for with the key words "anime boston 2008 gundam" or "gundam seed destiny final goodbye"
    that is the link to the youtube.

    I'll see what i can do to linking my megaupload download area to (assuming they let me) , if not, please view this Anime boston forum topic here and look for my siggie under the screen name thanas, if you skim for "final goodbye", you can't miss it. ;)

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