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  • Member: TheGreatFox2000
  • Studio: TGF2K Productions
  • Title: Winter Dance
  • Premiered: 2008-03-21
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  • Song:
    • Liz Callaway Once Upon a December
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  • Comments: This was one of the first two videos I ever submitted to a Con (the other was not very good and will not be put up here). Despite an almost complete lack of special effects, it made finals, yet failed to win anything...but hey, I'm still proud of it.

    Standard YouTube Policy: Please don't upload this to your account, blah blah blah, I'll be posting it on mine soon enough.

    Thanks to everyone who voted!

    (Oh, and if you think I should submit this to more Cons, let me know!)

    EDIT: For some reason, I couldn't figure out how to export this to Xvid from Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 (I know, I know, I need Sony Vegas), so this is in .wmv format. Sorry for any problems this may cause.

    EDIT #2: And for another yet unknown reason, the first 5 seconds seem to have some ghosting problems. The rest of the vid is clean, so just bear with me on this one lol.

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