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  • Member: Oli.C
  • Studio: Yoniqe Productions
  • Title: Pilot in the Sky of Dreams
  • Premiered: 2008-03-23
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    • Threshold Pilot in the Sky of Dreams
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    About The Anime

    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is probably one of the most bizarre anime shows I have watched since FLCL. The main difference in my opinion was that it was actually really enjoyable and entertaining, yet not strange for the sake of creating bewilderment - All in all, one of my favourite shows. I think some of the strongest themes to come out of the anime were dealing with the aspect of scale, voyaging on the rite of passage - oh and of course! With enough fighting spirit it seems you can pretty much overcome anything ^_^

    About The Music

    Pilot in the Sky of Dreams from the band Threshold is a song I discovered shortly after finishing the anime back in Christmas and I instantly fell in love with it! Threshold is a very underrated UK Prog Metal group and I probably wouldn't have come across them if it hadn't been for the likes of websites like wikipedia. Regardless, I knew from the beginning this song possessed a type majesty and epic feel that had enough power to make an awesome AMV.

    I recommend checking out Threshold's website, where you can stream the original music video for the radio edit of this song, which was a prime source of inspiration:

    About The Video

    Journeying back from work is usually a time when I'm listening to music and my imagination races. Soon enough I came up with the concept for this project and took the slightly nerving step back into the world of AMV editing. Now using Adobe Premiere, I soon became confident with the freedom this program offers in comparison to software I used in the past. I could never envisage this video having lots of effects so I tried to keep things fairly simple and straightforward. Unlike my previous projects I tried to avoid rushing elements of the project and I've certainly attempted to bring a stronger sense of maturity with this video. On the whole I've enjoyed seeing this thing come together and I hope to carry what I've learnt onto future projects.


    I have dedicated this video to my younger brother Utorak, he is forever an inspiration to me in life and I always enjoy his company. I'd would like to give thanks to rubyeye whose work and comments in particular drove me to complete this project. I'd also like to thank redlinkmaster whose feedback in the past has always been much appreciated.

    I hope you enjoy this video!

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