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  • Member: BasharOfTheAges
  • Title: Nobody Rearry Understands Me
  • Premiered: 2008-03-21
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    • Ellegarden Alternative Plans
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  • Comments: Ok... this is a bit bigger stub. I never got around to writing anything ahead of time for this, so it's all going to kinda flow stream-of consciousness style.

    This was my first attempt at Romance. I wasn't really comfortable with the long fade style of editing, so I had to force myself to adapt a bit. It's not spectacular, but it's pretty decent.

    *NOTE* Yes, it's supposed to sound like that. Ellegarden has some sort of lo-fi tape recording sound fetish... I don't pretend to understand.

    Thanks go out to all of the people that helped me beta this:
    *the people i'm forgetting because i've gotten very little sleep in the past few days*

    *I wrote a whole lot here about the video quality and how i was disappointed with it - then the browser crashed. Brief summery: everything was bad - dot crawl, mosquito noise... more rainbows than a gay pride parade... etc. etc. I'll probably put up an mpeg2 if people want it. *

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