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  • Member: Cyn
  • Title: Gundam: South of the Border
  • Premiered: 2003-04-01
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    • Puya Fundamental
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  • Comments: Well, here's my first major contribution to the .ORG community. More or less, this was a project for me to learn a few new tricks and actually do a full length AMV now that I have the proper technology. So this is the first result of many hours reading EADFAGS and wrestling with Premiere, VDub, SmartRipper, etc.

    Now for a little about the vid:
    One Part Latin Hard Rock: I've always dug Puya and their combination of traditional Latin street music and good ol' American hard rock. The title track of their first release, Fundamental, has a good mix between laid back, sout-of-the-border groove and high-energy, driving music. This has always been one of those tracks that I've listened to over and over again and not gotten tired of. Made it a little easier to work with for the vid as it was a little harder to get sick off. })

    One Part Classic Mecha Action: Just as I've always been into good music, I've been a mecha freak. Some of my friends even call it a fettish. *grin* Anyway, Gundam 8th MS gave me the right setting for the music (the whole tropics thing) with standard "It's CLOBBERIN' time" mecha combat. Overall, the anime, with it's general flavor, lended itself to the two different feels in the music.

    Mix well for enhanced flavor: I tried to match laid back "camp life" in the groove sections, then the obvious down and dirty war action with the rock parts. Overall it seems to work, though the groove sections try to progress through each variation towards a little more serious. Dunno how well that worked. I did try lip synching for the first time here, mostly on a whim. The inital lip synchs didn't work to well, but I'm pleased with the later ones.

    Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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