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  • Member: Sheepworld
  • Title: A tribute to Suzu
  • Premiered: 2008-03-16
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    • Mychael Danna The winner is
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  • Comments: As the title says, it's a tribute to one of the most overlooked charters in tactics; Suzu. Sadly, all the videos seem to be about Kantarou or Haruka so I thought Suzu could use some love and attention.

    This is a very simple video, so no flashy effects here. The music bars are what I like to call 'Moving jpgs.'

    I'm also sure that everyone recognises this song since it's been used in so many films and adverts (especially car adverts for some reason) But if you haven't heard it, I recommend downloading this if just for the song. It's a lovely instrumental piece, really.

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