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  • Title: This Is Otakudom: The Music Video
  • Premiered: 2002-10-10
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  • Songs:
    • DJ PJ This Is Otakudom (I'm Not Gay!)
    • L.A. Style James brown is dead
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  • Comments: My first-ever AMV, done using Windows Movie Maker, because it was all I had at the time.

    Let me explain how this came to be. First Scott A Melzer and the people at NoN.D.E. Films made the fan parody "This Is Otakudom", using mostly footage of Fushigi Yuugi and Gendo from Evangelion. Then I mixed together 3 or 4 different mixes of "James Brown Is Dead" by LA Style and superimposed sound bytes from "Otakudom" (all using Cakewalk Professional 8) to make the song. Then I made the AMV in Windows Movie Maker.

    So even though I put "DJ PJ" (a moniker bestowed upon me by Lukas from NoN.D.E.) for the artist, most of the credit should go to LA Style and the people at NoN.D.E. ... I just mixed the thing.

    I know, I know, it looks bad. That's why I'm currently at work making a new version in Premiere... I'm only a quarter of the way through or so, but it's already 5 times better. Hopefully, I'll finish it soon, but then again, I have quite a knack for leaving projects unfinished...
    Update: The re-done version will never be finished, as Premiere 5.1 stopped opening my project files correctly back in December, and Premiere Pro will only take project files from 6.5 and up.

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