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  • Member: scuzzimei
  • Title: Serenade
  • Premiered: 2007-04-03
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    • Tackey & Tsubasa Serenade
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  • Comments: My fanvid for Clamp's RG Veda Manga. It's meant to be a visual representation of the prophecy:

    Six stars will fall to this plane.
    The dark stars that will defy the heavens.
    And you will undertake a journey.
    One that begins when you find the child of a vanished race.

    I cannot discern the child's alignment...
    I only know that it is he alone
    who can turn the wheel of Tenkai's destiny.

    For it is by heavently mandate that through this child,
    The six stars shall begin to gather.

    And then someone shall appear from the shadows.
    Even my powers cannot clearly make out his figure.
    But he knows the future.
    And can manipulate both evil and heavenly stars.

    A roaring flame will raze the wicked.
    Six stars will overpower all others...
    And inevitably...
    They will be the schism that splits the heavens.

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