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  • Member: Autraya
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Path of Destiny
  • Premiered: 2008-02-29
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  • Song:
    • Beowulf A Hero Comes Home
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    I've had this damn song stuck in my head for months first while waiting for sources to arive then realising that the source wouldn't fit the song anyway and swaping to this source.,.. anyway I'm happy I swapped because this came together in under 10 hours of editing... actually only 4 hours for the full timeline beta.
    There a few little spots that i could work a little more on buuuut I like this the way it is and am beyond caring atm, I've been sitting on the completed vid for a while since I couldn't release it or else tip the IC judges for the AMVience vs Walkure studio battle.

    This is a "no effects" vid I actually really love it which is a first in a long time, usually I never want to hear or see the video or it's sources again.
    I've gone for the "epic widescreen" feel that this movie itself tries to achieve (the movie is crap btw)
    Anyway if you were a kid when highlander first came out and thought it was "COOL" then this one is for you ;]

    Anyway thanks to:
    MaximoffZero; you bring out the best in me every time even when i took away your nipples
    Minion; who hates the music but still lubs meh despite hiding his nipples too
    Yoko+; who helped me talk myself into ways of fixing the video which then didn't work because of the footage itself.

    Methos; The only good thing besides Duncan's sexy bishie hair in the whole highlander TV series

    Otafest 2008 "Honorable Mention: EPIC!"
    AVCon 2008 "Judges Choice"
    AICon 2009 "Best Action"
    AiCon 2009 "Best Theme"

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