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  • Member: SF_Phoenix
  • Title: Better off without you
  • Premiered: 2008-03-02
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    • Chris Daughtry Over you
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    Thanks to Marko for the poster ;)

    Ok, so I bought the Haruhi dvds on a whim pretty much... and then this idea just jumped at me so I was like, why not try it out?

    This video is an attempt at writing up a new story for Kyon and Haruhi, here's how it goes:
    Kyon and Haruhi break up =P. Kyon isn't too happy and looks back and remembers the time where he tried to get back with her (the school scene with closed space) and tries to get over it. Then Kyon meets Mikuru, and he realizes that she is a much kinder person than Haruhi XP. After seeing those two together, Haruhi gets jealous and tries to 'win' back Kyon, starting with the scene where she drags him out into the storm and watches as her plan fails (since she falls and isn't liking how things are going). She doesn't give up and keeps trying to get him back, but Kyon has moved on with Mikuru and starts meeting his friends again (Yuki and Koizumi) and doesn't want to be back with Haruhi anymore.

    That's pretty much the video in a nutshell, it didn't take me too long to make this, it was over the course of one month, including slacking time :P

    Thanks to my beta-testers:

    Full Metal Sempai
    WC Annihilus

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