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  • Member: Spaztic_Schitzoid
  • Studio: ~*~Shinigami Films~*~
  • Title: Table Turner
  • Premiered: 2004-04-03
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  • Song:
    • Theatre of Tragedy Image
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  • Comments: I have no excuse for this. I just wanted to mess with the Kyoumaki/Tamouya (Kyouya/Tamaki - Tamaki/Kyouya) pairings. If you can guess what happens right about near the end as far as the pairing order's concerned, I'll give you a cookie. A lot of people got a kick out of it when I posted it on YouTube the first time around and I still snicker about it. At least I'm not uploading the Money (Mori/Honey) "Let's Pretend We're Married" video again...XD XD Pretty sure I made a venture on lip sync effects here, but I think I ignored most of the digital works. I blame the song on my friend Chris; if he hadn't introduced it to me, I would never have thought to add such a dirty song for them. Even though I'm now debating doing one for Paramore - Misery Business. But that's a different scrap of paper for a different trash can, ne?

    Song: Theatre of Tragedy - Image
    Pairing: Kyoumaki/Tamouya (Kyouya/Tamaki - Tamaki/Kyouya)
    Series: Ouran High School Host Club

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