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  • Member: Yusf
  • Title: Perfect Strangers Ordeal
  • Premiered: 2008-02-25
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    • Jeremy Enigk Set It On Fire
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    The dawn is a little late again, and waiting for it, good people, good like everyone, strangers to the world they live in, strangers to each other and now to themselves, fight through the night, setting their ingnitable memories on its hungry welcomed fire, sinking their sorrow in its cold watery snow.

    Of all my videos, this is definitely the one in wich I've put the greatest efforts until today.
    Made in 2 months, it shows in 2 minutes what can happen in 2 hours in the crazy Tokyo city of the animation movie Tokyo Godfathers. Very realisitc, at least by its designs, this movie is to me the perfect exemple of the intersection between animes and movies.
    The artist is Jeremy Enigk, as for my other video "Hypnerotomachia", but in a different style this time, with the song "Set It On Fire", to wich I can't find a better title.
    I just loved the way I only had to put the burnable stuff on fire, and wait till everything is caught in it and get out of control. Of course I had to put out everything at the end, not without some difficulty, otherwise it may have persisted all night long.

    Regarding the techniqual side, this is my first use of the original DVD footage.
    I must say that there weren't any significant advantages, since I had similar image qualities before with unsubtitled fansubs. (this means that the fansubs were good quality ones, not the opposite)
    Before you set any judgement, allow me to remind you that if the love for AMVs creation has no geographical limits, the DVD distribution zones have ones. Not everyone has direct access to anime DVDs.
    Greetings to all those who use fansubs because they have NO OTHER CHOICE.

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