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  • Member: Kusoyaro
  • Studio: Kusoyaro Productions
  • Title: Dreams Come True
  • Premiered: 2000-03-01
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    • S.E.S. Dreams Come True
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  • Comments: I fell in love with the song Dreams Come True when I heard it at a Lunar New Year Festival at Duke a few years ago, then I promptly forgot about it. And then a year later my friend asked me to burn a CD for her boyfriend, and one of the songs was Dreams Come True, so I immediately grabbed it for myself and listened to it compulsively for months. I eventually decided to make a video using it, and chose Fushigi Yuugi, one of my all-time favorites.

    I couldn't find anyone who knew enough Korean to translate the song, so I decided just to ignore the lyrics and treat the vocals as another musical instrument. I figured the English lines "Funny how my dreams come true" and "Come on lover" were enough of a fit to Fushigi Yuugi that even if the lyrics were off, they wouldn't be TOO off. Later a friend told me that I got lucky and that the lyrics actually fit pretty well.

    This is probably my personal favorite out of the videos I've made, and I'm extremely gratified that it has become one of the more beloved videos with fans and creators alike.

    Also, if you've heard the original song, you'll probably notice that I cut out about 10 seconds of the song right before the final chorus. I couldn't find any way to make that strange "robot rap" fit into the video. However, so as not to ruin the continuity of the song, I actually had to take a small segment of the music from earlier in the song and splice it together with the music at the end. So far, most people have agreed with my decision to cut out that 10-second segment.

    Winner of the Fan Choice Award at Sakura-con 2000.

    This video contains extremely significant scenes from the last few episodes of the series.

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