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  • Member: MissMinnie08
  • Title: Sasuke and his Zombie
  • Premiered: 2008-02-20
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    • the cranberries Zombie
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  • Comments: Um, okay this is, technically, my second AMV...kinda...I guess. I've made dozens of slideshows but editing videos are a much more interesting challenge.

    Okay, whatever, back to this AMV...basically the video is about Sasuke eventually turning into a "zombie" thanks to Itachi's (and now from what I hear) and Tobi's massacre of the Uchiha clan. My sister had downloaded Zombie by The Cranberries onto my computer and as soon as I heard it, I immediately thought of Sasuke. So struck by inspiration, I took a four hour "study break" to make this AMV. Hahaha, I hope I'll still do well on my test. But yeah, anyways, this was made by your basic Window's Movie Maker because I'm too poor to buy anything better, as much as I want to.

    I really hope it's up to par, like I said, this is only my second AMV but I really like it. Unfortunately the timing is very very slightly off (apparently what happens when you try to make an AMV with a half frozen computer) but it works. I'm actually pretty proud of it but I would also really appreciate any suggestions and constructive criticism. I understand I'm just a beginner so please be nice! Thanks, and enjoy!

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