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  • Member: Permafrostsin
  • Title: Father is haunting Suigintou
  • Premiered: 2008-02-13
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    • *.* Evanescence *.* Haunted
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  • Comments: Disclaimer: This is all Purely Fan-made. This was all for fun and to share with you guys and no $$$ is being made off this so please enjoy! For more information please read below..

    *Footage used: Rozen Maiden-Yami no Matsui
    *Muraki is playing the part of father.
    *And the scene when you see the Yami No Matsueu Death Embassy is meant to be like Father's mannor.
    *The scenes were see hint of someone else is meant to be sui.
    *And I also have father having supernatural powers and is human but made a form of pack with someone not necessarily the devil
    *And to understand more, go see Rozen Maiden FanFic-Vid-Lies in my account it clear up more :-)

    This video is based off a Roleplay and now I have converted it Vid. And this is very special to me, my first cross-over Vid using someone not from that anime to portray someone else, being Rozen Maiden to boot one of fav animes.

    : Story/Background storyline notes:

    In my Roleplay, I play idea how Father really is a messed in the head. Who would create the dolls, his daughters in a matter of speaking, to fight. And we both know how Sui/Shinku are at each others throat to appease father, out of all the dolls. Well Shinku and other dolls leave Jun realize how of a jerk he really is and Shinku finds a new person to make contact with and later becomes her love, awww. He helps her realize how horrible father really is and collects the twins, Hina as well and they all under his care now. However Suigintou still won't pay mind to Shinku's warnings. We find out Suigintou has seen father, on a daily bases in fact. But he uses and abuses her, he tells her she was used for another reasons, she wasn't meant to play the Alice game, she was just for his own amusement. But slowly Suigintou is realizing this and feels heart broken. And she finally gets the will to fight back, he attacks her but thank god Shinku comes to her aid, but with a cost, Suigintou still gets badly wounded Father rips out her wings. And yes Shinku saves her...but that is just the beginning to Sui's new life and my roleplay

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