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  • Member: animefan1
  • Title: The Halftime '04 AMV (part 1, original version)
  • Premiered: 2008-02-17
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    • Lewis Black Halftime '04
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  • Comments: This IS my first AMV (as the video specifies) and, my GOD, did it ever take a long time! I estimate that it took about 20-25 hours to complete (spead out over the course of about a week of course! and including the time needed to RIP the episodes onto my computer! so THAT'S why it was 20-25 hours!) (I spent, literally all day yesterday [Saturday] finishing it up [b/c I got a paper and 2 freaking tests coming up this week!] so I have to get back to my work!) But anyway, I chose Lewis Black b/c I freaking love him (he's a goddamn genius and BEYOND hilarious!), and, this routine was the clearest AMV concept I had in my head.

    And since I never did an AMV before, I thought "It would be nice to do an AMV but, which one should I do one about?" Then I heard this routine and i'm like "YES! THIS is what my first one will be about!" But seriously, it is gut-splitting hilarious, and so please do NOT eat ANYTHING while watching this! You will seriously choke SEVERAL times during the AMV if you do! Yes, it is THAT funny! In fact, don't even be chewing GUM while watching this b/c, you might choke on THAT too! Hey, ya never know! So heed my warnings, fellow members!

    But ok, that's enough from me, so just click on the link to download this, sit back, and watch the AMV! So, I hope you enjoy it!

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