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  • Member: dreamoflife02
  • Title: How Far We've Come
  • Premiered: 2008-02-15
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    • Matchbox 20 How Far We've Come
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  • Comments: Making this video involved more computer problems than I've ever had in my life; Vista royally screwed up the ripping/cleaning process so badly I had to switch back to an old machine to get it done. Such is life. But y'all don't care about that, you just want the video, right?

    Not much to say about the video itself, mainly because I'm naturally concise. It focuses on how the SOS-dan changed Haruhi and Kyon; I chose to focus on them because A. there were two verses, and they fit; B. they're the main characters, and C. they're the ones with significant development. At least until the second season... *crosses fingers* I didn't intend to make a romance vid but obviously some of that slipped in, since it's part of a main storyline and all.

    Honestly, my main goal? To make a Haruhi vid without using the dance. I did that, and thus I am happy.

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