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  • Member: kiarrens
  • Studio: Tech Girl Productions
  • Title: Ouran Day
  • Premiered: 2008-02-12
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    • Vanessa Carlton Ordinary Day
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    Working on getting this up ASAP. Sorry, I was SUPER busy this convention and didn't have time to make bumpers.

    So, funny story behind this AMV. Songbird21 sent me the song ages ago, and I sent her one I was planning on doing an AMV to, and somehow we both forgot where we got the music and decided we wanted to do vids to them. :D

    After watching Ouran, I heard this song and the video idea shot into my head like a firework, or something. It just fit SO PERFECTLY. I had the ending and beginning in my head from the first time I heard the song after watching Ouran - which I had only watched once at this point. So, in the quest for footage I re-watched the entire series and found some absolutely marvelous scenes I'd completely forgotten about, like the part with Tamaki jumping after Haruhi at the beach.

    Anyway. Concept.
    This video is all about love, obviously. It's about being there for someone else when they really need you - which is, I think, the most essential part of a relationship, giving of yourself, of your time, your attention, to someone else. Hold out your hand to someone else, help them through the rough times in their life, smile when they need to laugh and listen when they need to talk. Save them when they need to be saved. Haruhi and Tamaki's relationship has all of these aspects - and that's what I tried to get across with this video. I rather like to think that I succeeded.

    Technical stuff: Edited on Adobe Premiere 6.5. One lip-synced scene was done on a pan, so I had to use a combination of Adobe After Effects and Photoshop masking to accomplish that. The scene at 0:14 ("He was lookin' to the sky") I had to make, since there were NO scenes with Tamaki looking at the sky. Seriously. In the whole series. I masked him out of a later scene, brightened it to match the color palette in the preceding scenes, then put it as a alpha key transparency over a horizontally flipped shot of Haruhi with the sky behind her.
    From 3:38-3:56 I had to do an EXTENSIVE amount of masking to get rid of those DAMN credits. I hate it when anime series do that. Most of the masking was done by finding a frame or two without the credits and clipping/frame-holding/luminance transparency-ing, but several had to be done via photoshop because of characters moving. Pain in the ass.

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