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  • Member: Arczi
  • Studio: Double A Production
  • Title: There is stil Hope
  • Premiered: 2008-02-10
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  • Songs:
    • X-Ray Dog Black Fortis
    • X-Ray Dog Kyrie
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Hello, let me introduce you to my new clip. It’s my second mini clip after Cryggan and also a kind of preparation before the bigger project, which I plan to begin in the near future.

    History of creation:

    “There is still hope” came out by an accident. I started to make the clip with a different song (and anime Karas), but after viewing 30 seconds of the edited material it came to me, that I won’t be able to keep up with the task I forced upon myself. So I threw out the music and looked through my mp3 folder with the “for mini clips” songs. I chose one and that’s how it started. This amv was created in around 5 days, the last of which I devoted to dealing with problems of export and compression (I will write about it later).

    What is the clip about / why the title (the scenes) ?

    Warning spoilers!!! The story I described below is based on the events from episode 4 and further ones:
    The main protagonist of the anime is Otoha, a mafia guy, who is known as a mad man ready to fight many foes at the same time, without fearing for his life. During one of these battles, Otoha gets severely injured and ends up in a hospital. The doctors manage to save his life, but Otoha falls into a coma. His soul moves into the demon world, where he meets the Town Guardian, who changes Otoha into a Karas. His enemies (Devil demons) set a trap for him – they attack him in the hospital, where his defenseless body lies. However not only the Karas but also the Guardian falls into the trap. The second one dies, which results in Karas death but also Otoha’s awakening in the real world. The demons, which are led by Ekou, launch final attack upon the human race. Even though Otoha is not a Karas anymore, he tries to fight the forces of evil. Of course his chances, as an ordinary human being, against the monsters equal zero. Otoha is defeated. At that moment the amv finishes with words, and at the same time the title: “There is still hope” It’s a kind of message for the viewers, who are not familiar with the anime series, that it is not the end of Karas’s adventures. There is still hope, a faint chance for saving the humanity (and also Otoha). If you want to know what happened later in the story, you have to watch the series yourself ?.

    My goal was to simultaneously show the short story of Otoha and his life, and Otoha the Karas who fights with evil. During the climax I merged those two stories. I also tried not to present other characters of the series, nor any other threads of the plot of the anime. I also remixed the song, because in the middle of the work, I noticed that I’m short on the music track. So I copied few bits of it and pasted them in such a way, to make it unnoticeable (and I hope it’s not :>).

    Problems ?

    The biggest problem I had was the export. The source material I possessed was in a strange resolution. In the properties I had two different resolutions showed. The problem was that one of them stretched the image and damaged the aspect ratio, and the second one caused some strange errors to occur (the image after export looked like a deformed rectangle or if you like, a drunk rectangle…) In the end, I tried to deal with the problem by working with the stretched image and roughly setting the aspect ratio in the After Effects and then export the clip – that’s how I solved the problem.

    Judge the effects yourself :)
    I hope, you like it

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