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  • Member: Rider4Z
  • Studio: Otaku Lounge Productions
  • Title: Demons and Angels
  • Premiered: 2008-02-07
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Disturbed Prayer
    • Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah
    • Nightwish Bless the Child
  • Anime:
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  • Comments: AX 2008 AMV Contest Pre-Show (non-competing)
    Ohayocon 2009 Finalist - Action
    Katsucon 2009 - Best Action
    Tekkoshocon VII 2009 Finalist - Action

    VCA 2008 Semi-Finalist - Best Horror

    this video is purely for action entertainment. there is no underlying story, message, or spiritual viewpoint i'm trying to get across. as the title suggests, it's nothing but demons and angels kicking each others' asses.

    anyway, this is my second vid using multiple anime series. i first heard "hard rock hallelujah" at AX 2007 to a fate/stay night video. anyway, i bought it off iTunes and just couldn't get enough of it. so i had to make an amv to it. originally, my intention was to make a strictly Hellsing OVA amv, but only the first dvd would rip. so i gave up that project. but the song stuck with me, and i kept picturing a collaboration of demons and angels, some literal, some symbolic. either way i had a lot of fun combining the older with the newer.

    i'd like to thank Valion for entering Nascent Malediction into AX 2007, without which i wouldn't have heard the song. i also wanna thank Unmei_chan for introducing me to Ah! My Goddess with her video Animus, also viewed at AX 2007. and thanks Nariko_sama for the footage.

    editor's note: this was the biggest interlacing pain in the ass video that i've ever had to deal with. so much so that i can't go into detail because it'll bring back painful memories :P while this final product is not perfect, it is still highly enjoyable. so if you complain about interlacing i will big bang attack your behind -_-

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