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  • Member: Kurai Seraphim
  • Studio: Kurai Seraphim Productions
  • Title: Forsaken Love
  • Premiered: 2003-01-11
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  • Song:
    • Disturbed Forsaken
  • Anime:
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  • Comments: My first music video worth mentioning. I made it without any deadlines lingering, so it wasn't rushed, nor did I have any restrictions time-wise.

    While I made the music video with footage from the anime, I tried to build more on the manga (as it actually made sense) in terms of structure and purpose. The video features three characters: Kurai, Setsuna, and Sara. Each of them holds a love forsaken for one reason or other.

    I found the song by a fluke. I haven't seen Queen of the Damned nor do I plan to. I found it by typing in key words on WinMX once I had a video concept in mind. The connection between the song and the series didn't strike me immediately, rather it was a month later when I finally got around to cleaning out the download folder.

    Its a montage from a 75 minute oav, so I guess you could say it has spoilers, but I doubt it really spoils anything given the oav is hard to follow and the video is even harder to follow. Regardless, I put up the warning because the length of its source kinda makes any footage worth taking spoilery.

    First video made with my new computer (dum dum DUM), a 22.4 gigahertz P4 with 512 ram. I used avi synth to work directly with the dvd's vob files, so the processor got a workout and I got impressive quality to work with.

    Both the Mpeg and the Mpeg2 files are hosted on the NCSU RESnet server (at least for now, it'll go to roadrunner again this summer when I'm out). The RESnet has had upload issues as of late, so I can't garentee usual college upload speeds. Hopefully they'll have the problems out of their system soon enough.

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