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  • Member: omegaevolution
  • Studio: Rokujinshou Productions
  • Title: Battle Hymn of My Soul
  • Premiered: 2008-01-25
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    • Shoji Meguro Battle Hymn of the Soul
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    *Dedicated to Teiris ^^
    My 14th AMV
    So, I played .hack//G.U. and finished it in 2007 and I was so wow'ed by it that I had to make a cool AMV for it. Saddly this is not the one I had in mind, that one will come later. Here in the other hand I wanted to try an instrumental song, I have too many so I wanted to do an instrumental AMV. There is no real meaning here, its not 100% random either, so if you don't get it I will sum it up:
    - Haseo (our hero) loses his dear friend (Shino) at the hands of a PK (Player Killer) called Tri-Edge (the one with orange outfit)
    - Haseo goes to avenge his friend and fights Tri-Edge
    - Haseo gets owned.
    - He searchs for a greater power to fight him again
    - He discover that he can use an avatar (the monster with 3 eyes), but he is drowned with too much power and he can't control it.
    - lots of stuff happens in between (the slow part of the AMV)
    - he fights Tri-Edge again and wins (this part is the one that failed for me, since there wasn't enough footage to make that fight without adding another stuff).

    thats how the AMV should look like... but saddly there is not enough footage of fights against Tri-Edge, meaning that I had to introduce stuff and saddly Haseo has 4 forms in the games, so it looks confusing since he looks different in the whole AMV (same with his avatar, which name is Skeith btw). So thats why I say there is no meaning here.

    The AMV is encoded with 4:3 resolution since in 16:9 it looked ugly in full screen.
    The local download is a 640x480 .mp4 (x264), which if you can't watch it, I suggest you get VLC media player to play the AMV fine.
    The Direct link is a .avi (XviD) version for people that can't play .mp4

    The song is the final boss battle theme of Persona 3, I had to edit the song a little to shorten it ^^U. Anyway, enough talk, hope you will enjoy it. I still liked the outcome, for my first instrumental I think I did well :D.

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