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  • Member: Lonley Driver
  • Title: I Want To Ride My Bike
  • Premiered: 2003-03-25
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    • Queen Bicycle Race
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  • Comments: This was a wierd video for me. It was really just a side project but I got so into it I finished it in one night. This was by far my quickest video. I think it worked out pretty well though. Now for some info about the actual video.

    Well, we all know Akira is really about Bikes so what better song to use than Bicycle Race by Queen! I've been wanting to do a Queen AMV since I started making them so it was only a matter of time. I really wasn't sure what Anime to use for this song either. I really had never thought about making an Akira AMV, but I'm quite please with the results. I also had to cut the song in half because the song basically repeats itself again just with a few different lyrics. I don't think anyone could have taken that much "BICYCLE!"

    Originally I had thought of putting in scenes from Star Wars, and Superman, and Peter pan and making the whole middle section just really goofy, but I think it works better when it's just Akira and not all that other junk.

    Basically the whole video is about how Tetsuo wants to ride a bike. If Kaneda didn't have such an awsome bike, I doubt the whole movie would have ever happened. Tetsuo is so jealous of Kaneda he even steals his incredible bike!

    A note on the lip synching. For anyone who has tried to lip synch Akira, I now feel your pain. It is quite difficult to pull of correctly, and even in the few spots I feel I succefully lip synched, it was a lot of guess and check work.

    Well anyway, that's enough about the video. It's short, it's fun, it's action packed go watch it, and if you want leave a review!

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