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  • Member: keyboardsamurai
  • Title: Thunder In Your Heart
  • Premiered: 2008-01-21
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    • John Farnham Thunder In Your Heart
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  • Comments: This is my first ever DBZ amv. I know, that; that sentence alone will be slammed to death. However, I've always wanted to try to make at least 1 DBZ amv. I used Adobe Premiere CS3 (which this will be my last video using Premiere). From now on, all of my videos will be made in Adobe After Effects and will be special effects heavy or close to it. This is my last non special effects video (unless you count lip sync).
    There is 1 section where I didn't notice the lip sync going a bit overboard (so please bare with that segment) *already deleted the project and didn't want to re-edit after I noticed it*. Other than that, all the timing should be spot on. The song is from the kick ass movie called Rad (the classic BMX movie) *Thunder In Your Heart by Farnham Johnny*

    Since this is a DBZ amv, I made damn sure that the quality was top notch and used the brand new dvd Wide Screen versions (though encoding is standard). If you are having trouble with the aspect ratio, I suggest using VLC media player to correct. Right Click > Aspect-Ratio > choose your preferred.

    Again, I apologize for making a DBZ amv, but what the hell.........


    p.s. I intentionally entered this video after the VCA dead line. (since it's dbz I will not announce in the forum) *I don't want to be spammed to death*

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